Work in Progress

  • H Wandera, V Marivate, D Sengeh. Investigating similarities and differences between South African and Sierra Leonean school outcomes using Machine Learning [preprint] [ML][SOC]
  • V Marivate, A Moodley, A Saba. Extracting and categorising the reactions to COVID-19 by the South African public – A social media study [preprint] [ML][NLP][SOC]


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  • N Mtsweni, H MvE Combrink, V Marivate. Mapping the South African health landscape in response to COVID-19. KDD 2020 Workshop on Humanitarian Mapping. [preprint] [SOC]
  • V Marivate, HMvE Combrink. Use of Available Data To Inform The COVID-19 Outbreak in South Africa: A Case Study. Data Science Journal [Publication] [Soc]
  • M Naidoo, V Marivate. Unsupervised Anomaly Detection of Healthcare Providers using Generative Adversarial Networks. Responsible Design, Implementation and Use of Information and Communication Technology [Paper URL] [ML][Soc]
  • Masakhane – Machine Translation For Africa. Africa NLP Workshop - ICLR 2020 [preprint] [NLP]
  • V Marivate, T Sefara, V Chabalala, K Makhaya, T Mokgonyane, R Mokoena, A Modupe. Investigating an approach for low resource language dataset creation, curation and classification: Setswana and Sepedi. Proceedings of the First workshop on Resources for African Indigenous Languages (RAIL), pages 15–20. [preprint][ML][NLP]


  • H Wandera, V Marivate, D Sengeh. Predicting National School Performance for Policy Making in South Africa.2019 6th International Conference on Soft Computing & Machine Intelligence (ISCMI)[Paper URL][Preprint] [ML][Soc]
  • A Moodley, V Marivate. Topic Modelling of News Articles for Two Consecutive Elections in South Africa. 2019 6th International Conference on Soft Computing & Machine Intelligence (ISCMI). [Paper URL][Preprint][ML][NLP]
  • M Mokoatle, V Marivate, M Esiefarienrhe. Predicting Road Traffic Accident Severity using Accident Report Data in South Africa, Proceedings of 20th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o’20). [Paper URL] [ML][Soc]


  • V Marivate, N Moorosi. Exploring data science for public good in South Africa: evaluating factors that lead to success [Soc]- URL
  • M Mokoatle, V Marivate. Collision Course: Challenges with Road Traffic Accident Data in South Africa. 2018 International Conference on Advances in Big Data, Computing and Data Communication Systems (icABCD) [ML][Soc] - URL


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  • Privacy In Mining Crime Data From Social Media: A South African Perspective. INFOSEC. Nyalleng Moorosi and Vukosi Marivate [2015]