We have made this page a resource for prospective students who want to join or work with our group. It is split into all students, then specific options for some subset.

Annual Recruitment for Masters and PhD Students

Application Status: Closed.

We welcome applications for our Masters and PhD programs annually from May through July. This application window is for positions starting in January/February of the following year. Please mark your calendars: Applications for the 2025 intake will open in May 2024.

Stay tuned for updates and prepare your application materials early to join us in advancing your academic journey. We suggest you join our lab newsletter to be informed when our recruitment opens https://dsup.substack.com/.

Research Group Themes

  • Machine Learning [ML]
  • Natural Language Processing [NLP]
  • Social Media [SM]
  • Society [Soc]
  • Web Technologies [WT]

All prospective students

This covers most people who are interest in doing research based work with the group. We are a multidisciplinary group so you can come from multiple backgrounds/disciplines.

See this [GUIDE] before you contact Vukosi.

MIT Big Data Science Students @ University of Pretoria

MIT Big Data Science students have to do a 2nd year project and mini dissertation. We have opportunities for projects, supervision as well.

Potential Projects Available for MIT Big Data Science

  • Get in touch with Prof. Vukosi Marivate or Mr. Abiodun Modupe
  • propose a project around our themes

Past Projects

  • Local Language Classification Models [NLP]
  • Text Augmentation Approaches [NLP]
  • Cyber Safety understanding [NLP]
  • Public and Government Textual Data Understanding [NLP][Soc]
  • Education System Modelling [ML][Soc]
  • Project collaboration with Dr. Ciira Maina The Kenya Bioacoustics Project [ML][Soc]Topics
  • Project collaboration the Mail and Guardian [NLP][Soc]
  • Project collaboration with DSTI Sierra Leone [ML][Soc]

CS Honours Students @ University of Pretoria

For hounours students, projects are mostly towards research. Best you try to make an appointment early in the year to get more details and also explore. Always read the [GUIDE] before you contact Vukosi.

Potential Projects Available for CS Honours Students

See the 2023 COS 700 DSFSI list

All Undegrad Students @ University of Pretoria

All the projects discussed above are available for discussion but you can also email Vukosi with your queries. Always read the [GUIDE] before you contact Vukosi.

Potential Projects Available for All Undegrad Students