The text arts - NLP approaches to Data Science

This course explores the diverse real-world applications of Natural Language Processing, with a focus on equipping students with practical data science skills. Through analyzing text data, you will develop techniques to detect misinformation, moderate harmful content, and empower under-resourced languages. By working through use cases like combating fake news and hate speech, to creating better NLP tools for African languages, you will gain hands-on experience applying NLP to tackle impactful problems. This class provides you with a powerful lens to understand language data and drive positive change through emerging technologies.

Note: This is not an official course website. This is an informational site to share some resources for other people who might be interested in resources and research in this area. For UP students who have enrolled on this class information should be accessed through ClickUP!!!

This class for 2023/2022/2021/2020/2019 was taught by Prof. Vukosi Marivate.
In 2019, this course covered: Defence against the dark text arts - NLP approaches to understanding and defending against cyber threats (fake news, cyber safety and more). From 2020 the topics have expanded.
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