15 Sep 2021

Business Day TV - Talk to the Bot

Dr Vukosi Marivate talking about NLP on Business Day TV

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We’ve always heard “This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes” when we call a company’s call centre for help. Although some calls are used for training purposes, more often now these recordings used to improve natural language processing algorithms. The insights gained from this information have driven businesses into a new domain of customer understanding, but limiting the analytics to this type of highly structured format excludes the majority of the data that’s being created. At present Gartner reckons 80% of the data created is unstructured. It’s generated from conversations with customer service representatives and on social media sites, as well as other places. Now businesses are turning to Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to derive understanding from the countless unstructured data available online and in call logs and on social media.

To talk about this evolving area of nascent technology Michael Avery is joined by Dr Vukosi Marivate, UP ABSA Chair of Data Science - University of Pretoria, Co-Founder Deep Learning Indaba. Data Science and Natural Language Processing Researcher & Johan Steyn, Business Day contributor on tech and AI and Chair of the Special Interest Group on AI and Robotics with the Institute of Information Technology Professionals of South Africa.