27 Apr 2022

SAAIR Learner Analytics Institute Day 2 Workshop 5

Herkulaas MvE Combrink, Prof Vukosi Marivate & Prof Benjamin Rosman

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The SAAIR Learner Analytics Institute was hosted by the University of the Western Cape from 25- 26 April 2022.

WORKSHOP 5: Exploratory data analytics for higher education tabular datasets: an open source application for institutional practitioners

The objective of this workshop is to showcase how 4IR data analytics tools developed by the Data Science For Social Impact Research Group (DSFSI) for Education will impact how institutional researchers can explore their data and find meaning in the information they have. Furthermore, this work will show researchers where to get open data to test some of these concepts and how to use an exploratory data analysis tool.

By the end of this workshop participants will should be able to: • Identify open source data sets to test concepts and understand the importance of sharing data • Understand the importance of Heatmaps and other correlation coefficient tools to rapidly explore relationships in data • Use the exploratory data analysis tool developed by the Data Science For Social Impact Research (DSFSI) group

Participants can expect a combination of theory and practice using the online space. The workshop will start with a 20-minute presentation, followed by an interactive session on the available data and the exploratory data analysis tool. Participants can use any of the shared .csv files which were created from open source datasets to test the concepts and mine meaning from the information.

Please note All the material can be found on this GitHub repository: https://github.com/dsfsi/Higher_Education_EDA

Speaker Bio

Herkulaas MvE Combrink & Prof Vukosi Marivate: Faculty of Engineering, Building Science and Information Technology, University of Pretoria and Prof Benjamin Rosman, University of the Witwatersrand

Video, Slides and Notes

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Video 1 - Talk + Q&A

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