18 Aug 2023

#DS4SocietySeminar 2023 <> Data Science Needs Law

Chijioke Okorie

Talk Details


The presentation will highlight and discuss the research priorities and interests of data science research in terms of need for data, and the nature of the application of law to data science research. The presentation will discuss some of the “pain points” where legal certainty is crucial and suggest approaches to enable data science researchers to proceed with more legal certainty in their work. Even though examples will be drawn from other jurisdictions, the jurisdictional focus is South Africa.

Speaker Bio

Chijioke Okorie founded and leads the Data Science Law Lab - a research group at the University of Pretoria’s Department of Private Law that deploys research in law and produces independent and authoritative evidence and policy advice to support the growth of all aspects of data science research, development and application across Africa.

Before becoming a full time researcher and policy consultant, Dr Okorie was a Senior Associate in the law firm of CLP Legal, Lagos Nigeria. She is also the Lead Advisor at Penguide Advisory, a firm that provides research, educational, legal and regulatory advisory services in various fields including copyright and (emerging) technologies. At Penguide, she has the responsibility of leading research, training and legal advisory services for a range of clients including government and government agencies, companies and non-profit organisations, entrepreneurs within Nigeria, across Africa and internationally.

Dr Okorie is ‘Africa Correspondent’ at award-winning intellectual property law blog, The IPKat and an associate editor of the South African Intellectual Property Law Journal. More information about Dr Okorie can be found at www.chijiokeo.com

Video, Slides and Notes

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