01 Oct 2022

DSFSI is looking for a part-time research assistant(s) for the Summer break.

DSFSI Paid Positions

The Position

The Data Science for Social Impact research group https://dsfsi.github.io/ is looking for full-time 3rd year, honours/4th year or masters students at the University of Pretoria who will be part-time research assistants involved with a few research projects currently active in the group. See some past projects here https://dsfsi.github.io/projects/

Skills Needed

For this year, we are looking for assistants with either (or willing to learn)

  • Machine Learning skills OR
  • Software development for data pipelines.

Familiarity with Natural Language Processing is a plus, but not required. Applicants must have some experience working in the Python programming language. Diverse backgrounds from computational/mathematical/statistical/engineering backgrounds are welcome to apply.

The student will also be encouraged to use the opportunity to do some research work with the research.

Experiences from past assistants

Why others should consider applying for research assistant positions at DSFSI - its almost like wake up call, letting you know where you still need to improve yourself. It motivates you to learn more.


If you are interested in the paid position, please fill in this form https://bit.ly/DSFSIAssistantRecruit by Monday 17 October 2022

We have 2/3 slots.

Image Attribution: The Noun Project