13 Jul 2023

The DSFSI Large Language Models Primer <> AI and Language: A Mirror to Ourselves - Understanding how we got to ChatGPT and what it actually means

Primer/Tutorial by Prof. Vukosi Marivate

Last Update: 13 July 2023


Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have made significant strides over the past decade, and several technologies that have emerged from research in these fields have become integral to our daily lives. While some of these technologies are obvious, others are taken for granted. In this presentation, I will take you on a journey through the fundamentals of NLP to the latest developments in large language models. I will discuss the potential as well as the limitations of current models and raise the question: what about African languages? Despite the progress made in NLP, there is still a significant gap in language support for African languages, which is an area that requires further exploration and innovation.


The Feather-Brick Test


Past DS@UP🚀 Newsletter Editions with discussions of Large Langauge Models

[Technical but accessible] Below are editions of our newsletter that many resources on learning more about Language Models. They cover not just the technical details, but challenges as well.

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  • [Podcast] The Hidden Workforce That Helped Filter Violence and Abuse Out of ChatGPT = URL [For everyone]
  • [Podcast] The Limitations of ChatGPT with Emily M. Bender and Casey Fiesler - URL [For everyone]

The UPs and Downs of what Large Langauge Models might mean (The AI Wars)

[For everyone] Below is a list of very accessible videos from the ColdFusion Youtube channel that tries to explain what has been going on in the last couple of months when it comes to the impact of Generative AI models and the effect they are having on the Big Tech Industry.

  • ⬆️ The euphoria begins. ChatGPT will change everything, especially search engines, but will it? <> 📽️ It’s Time to Pay Attention to A.I. (ChatGPT and Beyond) - URL
  • ➡️ The lines are drawn for Bigtech <:> 📽️ Google Panics Over ChatGPT [The AI Wars Have Begun] - URL
  • ⬇️ It all goes downhill very quick <> 📽️ ChatGPT Has A Serious Problem- URL