27 Jan 2023

Hundzula Retreat 2023

By Vukosi Marivate

We kickoff the 2nd edition of the #HundzulaRetreat. We are here to Teach, Learn, Ideate and Support each other in bridging the gap between the Humanities and Mathematical/Computational sciences when it comes to language. Website: sites.google.com/view/hundzula-retreat/

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We are thankful for the support of @AbsaSouthAfrica through the ABSA UP Chair of Data Science, @UPTuks, @SADiLaR_ZA and @TensorFlow ML grant.

We were lucky to have Dr George Mahashe, @UCT_news talk to us about the collaborative Khilobedu project he has been part of followed by Prof Zethu Cakata from @unisa who took us on a thoughtful journey of “Research Ethics processes and Epistemic wounds”. #HundzulaRetreat pic.twitter.com/VbbFJVALqU

Also just noted the #HundzulaRetreat 2023 started on the first day of #AFRICANLANGUAGESWEEK 2023. What a great coincidence. Tomorrow we look forward to deep dives in Linguistics

Day 2 of #HundzulaRetreat 2023. We have Prof Dion Nkomo (@Rhodes_Uni, @NRF_News ) Kicking us off giving us a Deep Dive of Linguistics in South Africa and what connections can be made to #NLProc pic.twitter.com/tBzO2Q9l97

We really need an #AfricanLanguageDataLiberationFront #ALDLF

So much African language data is put behind platforms or formats that discourage re-use, remixing or study.



Created with #midjourney, prompt “A picture of a diverse group of the The African Language Data Liberation Front programmers”

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Finishing off the morning with Tebogo Macucwa (@UPTuks and @theNWU ) who is taking us on a journey of the linguistic landscape of outdoor advertising in Pretoria. We are having a vibrant discussion on Setswana, Sepedi, Sesotho and #SiPitori.

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We are doing our first set of spotlight talks. Today is Linguistics day so we are experiencing the work of our colleagues from @CPUT (Alexa Anthonie) and @theNWU, @SADiLaR_ZA (Respect Mlambo).

#Loadshedding hit us today at #HundzulaRetreat but we move forward. pic.twitter.com/u07qKN3fhi

2 more spotlights from Mukhtar Raban and Johannes Sibeko from @MandelaUni. Leaning into Linguistics topics in South Africa

#HundzulaRetreat #AfricanLanguagesWeek pic.twitter.com/OY56uvhnF0

We are on day 3 of the 2023 #HundzulaRetreat. It is #NLProc #MachineLearning day.

I kicked off the day with a very quick, and accessible, introduction to #NLProc for all.

I love giving this talk. Going all the way from Bag-Of-Words to word-embeddings.

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Now @Jenalea_Rajab is taking the participants through #LargeLanguageModels

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This afternoon we have Febe De Wet from @theNWU who is taking us through a deep dive of Speech #NLProc #HundzulaRetreat pic.twitter.com/jfcMzzYlQF

#Loadshedding hit us but participants keep it moving. The Akanyang training area @UPTuks is such a great space that has allowed us to exploit natural light when needed and presenters have adjusted well.

#HundzulaRetreat #AfricanLanguagesWeek

And then enter #ChatGPT which has generated a lot discussion and much more questions that participants will grapple with. We asked it the pertinent “Should we stop funding the humanities?” question:

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The final day of an interesting week at the #HundzulaRetreat. Today we have of spotlight talks followed by a reflective discussion. Discussions/Talks with Asive Dlaba @TelkomZA, Thipe Modipa @ULvarsity, Muzi Matfunjwa @SADiLaR_ZA, Jenalea Rajab @WitsUniversity

@UPTuks as host. pic.twitter.com/9bnWD4J4pr

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