24 Nov 2023

DSFSI @ AfriCHI 2023, South Africa: November 27, 2023 - December 1, 2023

We thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to AfriCHI 2023

Lab member will be presenting their work at AfriCHI 2023 Conference

We’re thrilled to share exciting news from the AfriCHI conference on human-computer interaction research - our very own Baphumelele Masikisiki [ORCID] will present her paper on automating assessment with large language models!

Baphumelele’s paper “Investigating the Efficacy of Large Language Models in Reflective Assessment Methods through Chain of Thought Prompting” showcases innovative techniques to apply AI for scoring assignments while minimizing reliance on manual evaluation. This includes directing models to execute specific tasks using an approach called chain of thought prompting.

Her experiments demonstrate promising performance from language models against human-generated scores. The paper provides insightful analysis around user experience concerns and privacy considerations for such automation as well.

Presenting at the AfriCHI conference is an amazing chance to exchange cutting-edge research ideas. Baphumelele’s work has impressive implications for the future of education. We’re extremely proud to see her representing our lab’s ethos around responsible, ethical AI advancement on this global stage.

Be sure to follow our channels for updates during the conference and ongoing conversations about the societal impacts of emerging technologies. Huge congratulations again to Baphumelele on this achievement!

Paper Details

  • Baphumelele Masikisiki, Vukosi Marivate, and Yvette Hlope. Investigating the Efficacy of Large Language Models in Reflective Assessment Methods through Chain of Thoughts Prompting, 4th African Human Computer Interaction Conference (AfriCHI 2023)(To Appear). 2023. [NLP][ SOC] <> [Preprint URL] [Dataset] DOI: 10.1145/3628096.3628747