12 Aug 2022

#DS4SocietySeminar 2022 <> Disinformation and covid what can we learn from the disinformers and doorknobs?

William Bird and Nomshado Lubisi

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Through Rea411 we were able to act against disinformation. In addition though over the last two clear trends emerge. From the kinds of disinformation to themes. What do the trends tell us and what can we learn from them?

About Media Monitoring Africa Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) was established in 1993 in Johannesburg, South Africa and, since then, has evolved from a pure monitoring-based project to an innovative organisation which implements successful media strategies for change. MMA uses technology, social media and data tools to make their work more efficient and effective.

The MMA is supporting this initiative in line with its mandate and organisational objectives, which includes, promoting media freedom, ensuring free and fair elections and overall contributing to a functional democracy. MMA is also contributing because of and through its expertise and work on mis- and disinformation, and expertise and experience in developing and building digital literacy campaigns such as PAdRe, Rover, Open and Disclose and KnowNews.

Speaker Bio

William Bird is the director of Media Monitoring Africa and initiator of Real411. Nomshado Lubisi is Communications Manager at Media Monitoring Africa and a reviewer for Real411

Video, Slides and Notes

Video - Talk + Q&A

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