19 Apr 2023

Vukosi Marivate - NLP and TDM in Africa [The Right to Research in International Copyright Law Seminar 2023]

Professor Vukosi Marivate talks about Natural Language Processing and the importance of data access to the task of translating public interest information into underserved African languages.


What are the human rights duties of states with relation to copyright and the right to research? What is the utility, or danger, of framing research interests as “rights”? What do TDM researchers need to do to perform their research? How do any of these steps implicate copyright or other exclusive rights? How does lack of copyright permission distort research outcomes? How does US law and EU law approach the issue of exceptions for research uses? How has the openness of fair use and fair dealing standards been by courts to permit TDM and other research uses? Is the openness unique to common law countries? In what ways do licensing practices enable or form barriers to TDM research in practice?