04 Nov 2022

#DS4SocietySeminar 2022 <> Localising the Mozilla Common Voice platform for South Africa’s official languages

Febe de Wet

Talk Details


Despite many attempts to address the situation, South Africa’s official languages remain under-resourced in terms of the text and speech data required to implement state-of-the-art language technology. To ensure that no language is left behind, resource development should remain a priority until a strong digital presence has been established for all our indigenous languages. The talk will introduce a recent initiative to launch South Africa’s languages on the Mozilla Common Voice platform.

Speaker Bio

Febe de Wet is an associate professor at the North-West University’s Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering. She also has an affiliation with the Digital Signal Processing group at Stellenbosch University’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Her research interests include statistical pattern recognition, speech resource development and automatic speech recognition. She is especially interested in developing language technology for South Africa’s indigenous languages and in educational applications of speech technology.

Video, Slides and Notes

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Video 1 - Talk + Q&A

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