24 Sep 2021

#DS4SocietySeminar 2021 <> Measuring the urban environment using street view imagery

Emily Muller

Talk Details


The efficacy of images to create quantitative measures of the urban environment has been explored in public health, psychology, social science, urban planning and architecture over the last 50 years. The ability to scale these measurements has become possible only in the last decade, due to increased urban surveillance in the form of street view and satellite imagery, and the accessibility of such data. In this talk, I will present a series of work conducted as part of my PhD and as part of the wider project, Pathways to Healthy Equitable Cities, which leverage information from images for understanding our urban environments.

Speaker Bio

Emily Muller is a second year PhD candidate at Imperial College London. She is funded by the MRC centre for environment and health, working within their stream: healthy cities, healthy people. Her research uses street view images to measure urban dynamics of social status and perception using machine learning and interpretability.

Call for participation.

You are invited to participate in Emily’s research by visiting pulselondon.co.uk and contributing your perceptions of the urban environment. Please see the attachment for more information.

Video, Slides and Notes