02 Sep 2022

#DS4SocietySeminar 2022 <> Overcoming Digital Gravity when using AI in Public Health Decisions

Dr. Sekou L. Remy

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In popular usage, Data Gravity refers to the ability of a body of data to attract applications, services and other data. In this work we introduce a broader concept, “Digital Gravity” which includes not just data, but other elements of the AI/ML workflow. This concept is born out of our recent experiences in developing and deploying an AI-based decision support platform intended for use in a public health context. In addition to data, examples of additional considerations are compute (infrastructure and software), DevSecOps (personnel and practices), algorithms/programs, control planes, middleware (considered separately from programs), and even companies/service providers. We discuss the impact of Digital Gravity on the pathway to adoption and suggest preliminary approaches to conceptualize and mitigate the friction caused by it.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Sekou L. Remy is a Research Scientist at IBM Research - Africa. With a keen interest in healthcare he is excited about developing appropriate technologies which will transform Africa, and the world. A proud alum of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Electrical Engineering), and of Morehouse College (Computer Science), Sekou has spent time learning and teaching at Clemson University, the University of Notre Dame, Spelman College, and at the University of Washington.

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Video - Talk + Q&A

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