For this class, a number of readings are used to reinforce concepts

Papers for in class discussion

  • For 2018, 2019, 2020 we used the best papers from the KDD conference.

Papers for critical reading


  • Sentiment analysis is not solved! Assessing and probing sentiment classification URL • Exploiting Convolutional Representations for Multiscale Human Settlement Detection URL • Traffic congestion anomaly detection and prediction using deep learning URL • Exploring the weather impact on bike sharing usage through a clustering analysis URL • Cross Lingual Cross Corpus Speech Emotion Recognition URL


  • Preparation of Improved Turkish DataSet for Sentiment Analysis in Social Media URL
  • Time Series Anomaly Detection with Variational Autoencoders URL
  • Systematic Analysis of Image Generation using GANs URL
  • Learning to Prescribe Interventions for Tuberculosis Patients Using Digital Adherence Data URL
  • Using permutations to assess confounding in machine learning applications for digital health URL


  • TBC


  • Rethe and DSFSI seminar on Scientific Writing URL
  • Et Plagieringseventyr, University of Bergen UiB URL - Plagiarism